Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

I want to transform a commercial space into a dwelling. Do I need a change of use permit?

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No, the authorization of change of use is not necessary. However, an urbanism authorization must be obtained for change of destination.

Change of use:
In order to transform a building into a dwelling, it will be necessary to obtain an urbanism authorization for the change of destination, that is to say, at least a prior declaration.
If the transformation is accompanied by a modification of the facade or the supporting structures, a building permit will be necessary.

Please note: the change of use requires a planning permission as soon as there is a change from one of the following uses: housing, hotel accommodation, offices, commerce, crafts, industry, agricultural or forestry use, warehouse and public services or collective interest.

Change of use:
The change of use should not be confused with the change of destination which are not governed by the same rules.

Authorization for a change of use of a dwelling is required by the construction and housing code for the passage from a dwelling to a professional premises.
The change of use required to transform a commercial premises into a dwelling is required by the town planning code.

The change of use of a premises requires an administrative authorization only when it is made from housing to another use, whatever it is and not the reverse. Moreover, it is only required in certain large cities, i.e., in municipalities with more than 200,000 inhabitants, those in the inner suburbs (92, 93 and 94) and municipalities in which the regulations have been extended.
It is therefore necessary to obtain information from the town hall if you wish to convert a residential building into a commercial building.